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RT 8000 ES

Die-to-database reticle inspection system capable of inspecting advanced reticles with line widths down to 0.6µ and detecting defects as small as 0.15µ.

die-to-database inspection

Enhanced Image Acquisition

Inspecting sub-micron features is an indispensable requirement in the manufacturing process of advanced reticles.

The challenge arises from the decreasing minimal line width and the need to identify smaller defects in die-to-database reticle inspection.

To overcome this, the RT-8000ES Die-to-Database reticle inspection system features an enhanced image acquisition (IIA) method.

By incorporating the IIA module, the system now enables the detection of minute defects and the inspection of smaller features while retaining all the advantages of the well-established RT-8000 system.

The RT-8000ES possesses the capability to inspect advanced reticles with line widths as narrow as 0.6 microns and can detect defects as small as 0.15 microns, all without generating false defects.

Equipped with this enhanced image acquisition capability, the RT-8000ES stands ready to inspect current and future advanced reticles with heightened sensitivity and unwavering reliability.